donotdrinkdriveThere is an urban legend that law enforcement agencies turn their heads because the wine industry is the heart of Napa and Sonoma county economies.


You cannot drink and drive in the Wine Country and there is zero tolerance. In fact, DUI rates in Napa County are 43% higher than the CA state average and 14% higher in Sonoma County (2014 Annual Report Of The California DUI Management Information System). There are many law enforcement agencies that patrol the Wine Country, and we’ve been stopped several times at sobriety checkpoints. We have also seen cars impounded and regularly witness field sobriety tests being administered along all major Wine Country roads.

The good news is Uber exists in the Wine Country!

However, there are several factors that can make Ubering in Wine Country challenging for visitors.

⦁ Most drivers, including tour company drivers, come from other areas to drive in the Wine Country. This can be frustrating for visitors as these drivers have little knowledge of the area. This can be a huge disadvantage in developing and executing your Wine Tour itinerary, and making changes on the fly (which happens often). They also leave early in the evening to get back home, meaning getting an Uber at night can often be impossible depending on the day, time, and location.

On the other hand, TNG has lived in the Wine Country for over 20 years, knows the best wineries and restaurants based on what YOU want and will always be there when you need us!

⦁ There are many areas of the Wine Country where cell reception is non-existent, and even when you have cell reception, there are many additional areas where the Uber app will not work due to the app’s high data requirements.

We know these areas and that’s why hiring TNG for your Wine Tour can enhance your experience. No waiting for Uber, and no chance of getting stuck somewhere!

⦁ Ubering in Wine Country is not anything like Ubering in metropolitan areas. Everything is spread out in the Wine Country. For example, it’s an hour drive from the town of Sonoma to Healdsburg and the Russian River wine region. The Napa Valley is over 30 miles long, and Uber drivers tend to hang out in the towns of Napa, Yountville, and St. Helena. This means wait times can be as high as 10-20 minutes or more. Over the course of your day of wine tasting, this can easily add up to 60-90 minutes of wait time. That’s enough time for another winery! At night, it’s often impossible to get an Uber in some areas.

With TNG’s Wine Tour service, you never wait! We’re always there to take you to your next winery and to dinner.